How To: Fake Looking Great On An Off Day

posted on: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ksubi flannel tee, Nicholas pebbled leather skirt, Paul's Boutique Hayley bag.

If I were riding a horse I'd wear flanel but I'm going to the disco so I wear Channel. Plaid flannel Ksubi tee.

Paul's Boutique Hayley grey mock croc handbag.

Nicholas pebbled leather curved hem skirt. Australian designer.

Slogan tee from Ksubi, General Pants co. Prada Baroque sunglasses.

Ksubi fashion blogger. Rihanna fashion outfit style.

How to dressing guide. Dressing for a shitty day. Featuring Ksubi, Nicholas & Paul's Boutique. Flannel, plaid street style.

You know those days where you feel like complete crap? No? That's just me? Well I'm gonna tell you about my problem anyway & how to solve it with a few simple steps.

1. Throw on the most comfortable shirt available. Significant other's apparel welcome, bold slogan necessary.

2. Put on a form fitting skirt. Preferably in leather. If you don't have one, you're pretty much stuffed & should probably stay home & shop for one from inside the walls of your home. Here's a few to get you started: 1, 2, 3

3. Slip (or in my case, struggle) on some simple heeled sandals. These will help you achieve the "I've got places to go & people to see" kind of look we're aiming for here. Nobody needs to know we're really going to McDonalds. If anything, these heels say "I'm going to Starbucks to pick up my grande coffee in a venti cup with 2 pumps hazelnut, 2 pumps vanilla, 2 pumps caramel, 2 equals and 4 sweet and lows filled to the top with cream, with extra cream on the side, double cupped with no sleeve, a stir stick, and stopper put in the top" because I'm important & want the barista to spit into my drink.

4. If you're like me & hate wearing makeup, oversized sunglasses are an obvious must. Size absolutely matters.

5. To complete the look, slide one's arm through structured glossy bag to give the outfit a polished & put together look. 

& there you have it, how to go from no to whoa in five easy steps. But if you're like me & want to put the extra effort in there's an optional step 6: scrap all plans for the day & lounge around in your new outfit eating sticky date cup cakes. Too bad there's no delivery McDonalds where I am. Then at least the delivery person would get to see the effort I put into dressing.

Photos by William Valle-pezzanelli


De Lorenzo

posted on: Friday, August 15, 2014

De Lorenzo hair care review. Infinite Detangler, Elements Extinguish, et Oil Balance. How to manage frizzy hair & fly aways.

The cute barcode on the De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Infinite Detnagler. The best detangler for hair ever.

De Lorenzo; vegan hair care products. No animal testing.

De Lorenzo vegan hair care products review. Easy way to detangler frizzy hair & manage flyway hair.

De Lorenzo vegan hair care products review. Products ℅ Polkadot PR. The best vegan hair care range.

 All hair care products from De LorenzoPolkadot PR

When I was about 7 years old one of my great questions in life was "why is detangler called detangler when it doesn't detangle?!" The slogan 'no new tangles' was very present in my childhood but I never understood it because it never worked.

Well, either hair technology has improved immensely since the 90s, my mom was using the wrong stuff on my hair or De Lorenzo has just got the greatest range of hair care products because the Infinite Detangler definitely works.

The lovely team from Polkadot PR sent me some products to try out & I was pretty impressed. To put it bluntly; I have long, out of control hair. I've only ever found a few products able to tame my hair (one of which is a straightener which I never use due to laziness) so I'm surprised this range worked so well on my tresses.

I've tried out all the products except the Sandstorm Dy Texture Spray & Revive Hair Moisturiser & so far my favourites are the Infinite Detangler (obviously!) & the Oil Balance which is a pre treatment shampoo. My hair gets greasy pretty easily if I don't wash it every two or so days & after using this I didn't have to wash it for another five days!

However, the thing I like the most is the fact that all the products are plant based, petrochemical free & vegan. I don't eat meat (except seafood) so this really stood out to me. Also, how cute is that barcode? It's safe to assume that any brand which puts that much detail into their products, delivers.

If you have any questions about the products or want an update on how the other two that I haven't tested out go, leave comment below or check out their instagram to stay updated.

Have an awesome weekend!


Disclosure: I was gifted these items from Polkadot PR, however all opinions are 100% my own. If I do not like or agree with a product I simply do not blog about it. I would never promote something I would not use myself.

The Wanderer

posted on: Monday, August 11, 2014

Asos scuba crop top with curved hem & Elliatt Wanderer pants worn with the Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag. How to wear high waisted pants.

Asos curved hem scuba crop top. Wanderer pant by Australian label Elliatt. Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.

Palm trees at the Dolphin Quay in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Asos, Elliatt Wanderer pant, Dylan Kain, Zara heeled sandals. High waisted statement pants outfit.

Crease free floral & lace pants by Australian label Elliatt. Zara tan & black heeled sandals.

Australian, Perth, mandurah fashion blogger. Half Thai, Bangkok fashion blogger.

Lace accents on the Elliatt Wanderer pant. Floral water colour print pants.

Perth fashion & style blogger wearing Asos, Elliatt, Zara & Dylan Kain in Dolphin Quay, Mandurah. Statement print pants street style.

Perth fashion blogger in Mandurah wearing Asos & Elliatt.

Asos Scuba crop top, ℅ Elliatt Wanderer pant, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Zara sandals (old - similar here)

Contrary to popular belief, there's actually a lot of things that I like. Not being annoyed by people, black, being alone, when a restaurant doesn't take 50 years to serve food & not talking to people. See? I can be quite the optimistic individual.
Amongst other things, sitting right up there with the colour black & blocking people on Facebook* is clothes that don't crinkle up. So you can probably imagine how ecstatic these Elliatt pants made me when they came folded in the mail without a single crease. I'm convinced fairies made them. It might even be why they're called the Wanderer pant. They'd certainly make the perfect wandering/travel staple. If only they came in every colour (or even just black & white?) then my wardrobe would be pretty much set. Jokes. My wardrobe will never have enough stuff.

Also decided to up my wardrobe game with some staples from Asos since spring is around the corner with a few basics including this crop top. Of course I went back & bought it's twin in white. Which I do with everything. You need to have a few (thousand) options in the wardrobe department.

Have great week!

*I don't actually spend enough time on my personal Facebook to block people. Facebook's only for uploading photos of your food right? You can however "like" my Facebook page for The Fashann Monster which I do update!